One of the few existing wildlife reserve that still remains untouched by the fast changing global scenario, Bandhavgarh not only offers a chance to reconnect with nature. The most interesting fact about Bandhavgarh forest is that, the dense plantation of the forest remains green throughout the year. Also, the moderate temperature of the area makes it habitable in all seasons of the year. Unlike many other wildlife reserves, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve offers visitors with view of an enthralling landscape, wide verities of migratory and local birds, rich plant vegetation and a different species of wild animals within one forest area.

Bandhavgarh National Reserve, India holds the distinction of being home to largest number of Tigers. In addition to a diversity of flora and fauna, Bandhavgarh is famous for its wild habitat of Tigers, wild boars and Leopards.

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–Bandhavgarh: Spiritual and Royal connect–

–Kabir, Tansen, Akbar and Birbal have an intimate connection with Bandhavgarh–


The great Mughal ruler of India Akbar was in his mother’s womb when she was in hiding in Bandhavgarh fort from the Afghan Marauder Sher Shah Suri. Later she gave birth to him in Kalinjar fort north of present Bandhavgarh. The fort itself is believed to have been in existence before the birth of Christianity. References to this fact is found in many ancient Indian texts, the earliest being the Shiv Purans of 1AD.


“Kahat kabir suno bhai sadho”  is something all of us in Indian subcontinent have grown up listening to. Kabir the enlightened saint of 16th century wrote his famous dohas while meditating in the ancient caves of Bandhavgarh fort. He was not the first inhabitant of these caves but certainly the most famous one and he took many a discourse for his disciples here. On the walls of these ancient there can be found the inscriptions in Pali language which was the common language spoken around 2000 years back and that gives us an idea of the vintage of these caves.

In 15th century yet another famous icon of India emerged from the Royal Court of Raja Ramachandra Bhagela of Bandhavgarh. One of the greatest exponents of Indian classical music Tansen started his prodigiousjourney under the patronage of royality here. Later when his reputation spread far and wide across the continent, then Mughal ruler of India, the great Akbar sent his faithful man for all purposes Birbal to fetch Tansen from Bandhavgarh to Delhi Darbar. Birbal must have spent considerable time soaking in the magical aura of Bandhavgarh in the musical company of Tansen thus lending his name to one of the inner palaces in the fort which is now called Birbal Bhawan


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