They say sunsets are always beautiful…Although I am not any of those ardent admirers of nature yet something incredible that was made noticeable to me by this amazing forest of Bandhavgarh was a sweet, energizing and panoramic sunset here. I was on an evening bicycle ride in Bandhavgarh National Park.

I realized the sun was beautiful, crispy orange; it looked like it was carrying loads of energy within. A touch of saffron hue coating the mystic sun peeping through trees turning whole sky golden with some unrecognized but captivating regal designs! What a view it was! It was all still and within seconds, I felt calm at heart, a cozy restfulness at mind and freshness in body.

This was one of the beautiful sunsets I have seen from quite a long time, and yes I was carrying my DSLR to capture this mesmerizing view.:)