Travelling Duration – 5 Nights & 6 Days

Cost of Experience – AS PER REQUEST

Experience Summary

We are a team of nature lovers, environment protectors, adventure enthusiasts, who have got together to bring people closer to Mother Nature and to bridge the gap between the tribal’s, the locals and the people visiting the beautiful locations of Bandhavgarh, captivating their attention towards the calm, the serenity & the peace of this place in Madhya Pradesh.

Traveling is the best way to learn new things, to meet new people & to get enlightened about a new city, state or country. We as a team are confident to cater to all kinds of tours and travels, which gives you many memories to cherish for years to come. Our luxury tours are available for all destinations around the globe and our travel experts give you the best guidance & attention needed to plan an itinerary best suited to your requirements. Bandhavgarh365 specializes in customized itinerary that covers a wide range of activities that are exclusively found with us only.

About The Bandhavgarh National Forest

Bandhavgarh National Forest is located in Umaria District of Madhya Pradesh. This place has historical importance that goes back to the legends of Ramayana and is very popular due to huge population of Bengal tiger and other flora & fauna found here. The name Bandhavgarh is made of Bandhav and Garh, where Bandhav means brother and Garh means fort, which means brother’s fort. This fort was gifted to Lakshmana by Lord Rama. The fort has many architectural techniques, paintings, manmade caves & inscriptions that throw little light on life at that time.

The national forest has a wide array of flora & fauna with around 22 species of varied mammals & an exquisite range of more than 250 bird species. From Langurs, Asiatic Jackal, Bengal Fox, Sloth Bear, different variety of Deer’s, Hyenas, and Leopard to the royal Bengal tiger, all animas are seen and sighted at this forest.

Learn About The Gond Tribe Of MP

One of the largest tribal groups in the world, the Gond Tribe is famous for many things including their paintings, rich culture, tradition & heritage, etc. Our itinerary will give you a feel and peek into the rich cultural & traditional life of the Gond tribe in Central India’s Bandhavgarh National Park. You will get to live with them in their beautiful mud homes, with rice, corn & wheat fields over-looking their houses.

The village Marhai Kala is located on periphery of the forest engulfed in between the buffer & core zone of the national forest. Their homes roofs are made of baked earthen tiles also known as khaprail, which are red in color. Houses here get shade from the many mango, neem and other trees in this area, along with a cool breeze that takes the summer heat away. The head of one of the families here will tell you tales of how they had to travel to another village in earlier times, as no one was educated in their village. But today he proudly sings a song for all, which he has himself written about how education is important and that everyone in the village sends their kids to school and many grown up kids have also gone out to study. This cute old man, who is a hardworking farmer smiles and tells us that nothing is more important than being educated in today’s world. The village has a ‘Mahila Samuh’ also known as ‘Ekta Samuh’, which is a small gathering of women in the village, who get together to host the travelers or tourists who visit and stay with them in their village. From cooking to enlightening the tourists about their tools (which are used for grinding pulses, drying mahua & tomatoes), to helping the beautiful ladies who come from all around the globe to drape a saree, to showing them their daily chores, these beautiful ladies of the Gond tribe make the environment friendly and homely, making the travelers fall in love with their simplicity.

The area around the Marhai Kala village has many attractions, one of which is Ram Milan Singh ka Bageecha(Garden), which has organic cultivation & farming of many vegetables, fruits & herbs, which are used for medicinal purpose as well. Dashrath Ghatt is another attraction, which is the meeting point of 2 rivers flowing in this area. This location will give you the feel of living life on the beach, with rocky surface, sand and beautiful mountains in the near distance. The water is crystal clear and cold and you can dip your feet and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the flowing water and the nice breeze moving through your hair. If you are lucky, you might spot some wild life here life fox, deer, etc running around and drinking some water, to quench their thirst. Last but not the least is the Cheshpur waterfalls, which is an ideal location for tourists to enjoy some sun bathing & having a nice picnic here.

Seeing is believing and once you stay with these villagers of the Gond Tribe, is when you will realize that they are very simple, humble, hardworking people, who will welcome you in their lives life their own family and will show you how a simple life in the periphery of the forest can be so peaceful and full of happiness.

Far from the hustles of staggering crowd, Bandhavgarh365 nestled amidst the scintillating forests of Bandhavgarh National Park offers an amazing opportunity to unwrap the unexplored woods and wilds with a 5-night & 6-day experience including tiger sighting, wildlife jungle safari, machaan night, fine dining, riding/cycling in the jungle and a cultural exchange & living experience with the tribal’s of Gond Tribe. Book a unique jungle experience with us and soak your souls in the epic beauty of nature transformed in terms of wilderness never-seen-before!

Day 1

Your arrival at either Katni (2 hours/90kms) or Umaria (45 mins/30kms) Railway Station or at the nearest airport, that is in Jabalpur, which is a 4 hour’s drive (165 kms) from Bandhavgarh. Once you reach the station or airport, you will be transferred to your resort in Bandhavgarh National Forest.

You can have a relaxed afternoon in the salubrious environment of your resort, followed by lunch at the same place.

In the evening, you will be taken to the core jungle zone for Safari, followed by dinner at your resort.

Day 2

We will have an early morning self drive safari in a 4/4 Gypsy giving you an area familiarization of the many routes & lanes of the jungle area with our guide and we will take you to Bagdara Farms to show you our organic farms, followed by horse safari. Our beautiful horses named Snoopy Loppy, Sanorita and Grey Goose will give you the feel of the jungle, by taking you through the wilderness. This will be followed by high tea at Bagdara Farms.

Afternoon time will be free for you to relax and have a sumptuous lunch at your resort.

In the evening, we will have a Machaan Night for you, with a welcome traditional Mahua drink, followed by a spread of Indian snacks at our Machaan, which is beautifully located under the star lit sky and in the wilderness of the jungle area. The whistling sound of the jungle trees, the distant roars of the magnificent tiger & other fauna and the thrill of the unknown happening around you will give you the real feel of what the jungle life is all about. Sit under the machaan with lanterns hanging all around or climb up the machaan and relax on hay stacks, which is as comfy as a mattress. You will then witness a tribal dance performance by the Baiga Tribe, followed by dinner.

The night would end with a drive back from Bagdara to your resort, through the jungles buffer & core zones.

Day 3

The day will start with a morning safari in the core zone, followed by breakfast and departure for Marhai Kala village. One you arrive at the village our guide assisting you will make you meet the family you will be living with. You can rest for some time and have lunch with the family.

Evening will have an interactive session with the villagers and their families, which will help you know them better. You can close the day after having a delicious traditional meal with the family and sleep in your room, which they would have prepared, keeping in mind all your comforts.

Day 4

We will start the day early with breakfast and a visit planned to Ram Milan Ka Bageecha (garden), which is a beautiful location with many organic herbs, vegetables & fruits growing in this widespread farm, followed by bird watching, which you can capture in your lenses, than you will return to the village for lunch.

The next activity would be a visit to the Cheshpur waterfalls and Dashrath Ghatt, following which you will be brought back to the village, where you can rest for some time and get ready for a tribal dance performance by the people of the Gond Tribe. You can enjoy their performance, taste their traditional drink known as mahua and get your feet moving to enjoy dancing with them. This will be followed by dinner with the villagers.

Day 5

Departure for the resort after breakfast with the Gond family. Rest for a while at the resort and enjoy a scrumptious lunch at your resort.

In the evening, we will take you for safari in the core zone, followed by an elaborate spread of 3 course dining experience for you under the star lit sky and on beautiful log tables, with mouth watering dishes made with a lot of love at Her café.

Day 6

Early morning start with breakfast and then we will take you for a tour of local art & crafts, where you can pick up souvenirs for yourself, your family or friends, as a mark of remembrance of your trip here.

Later there will be check out from the resort and transfer back to Katni/Umaria Railway Station or to Jabalpur Airport.


  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • 3 Nights stay at Resort
  • 2 Nights stay at Marhi Kala Village
  • Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Hiking/Cycling to Rancha Village
  • 3 Tiger Safari on sharing basis
  • Horse Safari at Bagdara Village
  • High Tea at Bagdara Farms
  • Self drive safari in 4X4 Maruti Gypsy
  • Machaan Night Dinner with Baiga Tribe dance performance
  • Stay at Marhai Kala Village
  • Naturalist & guides for all jungle activities
  • All taxes